A Garden of Delights
English Heritage 1998 EHCD04

Beautiful songs and music from Georgian England.

This fine selection of 18th-century music and songs recreates the atmosphere of a charming summer evening in a Georgian pleasure garden. "Imagine to yourself a spacious garden laid out in delightful walks enlivened with good humour and an excellent band of music".

Played by
The Windsor Box&Fir Company
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Come unto these Yellow Sands Thomas Augustine Arne
Sonata in G major Op16/2
Thomas, May
Johann Christian Bach
Non lo Diro George Frideric Handel
The Arethusa William Shield
London Trio in G major Joseph Haydn
Transports of Delight Joseph Haydn
Sonata in E minor for Bass Viol & Continuo Carl Friedrich Abel
The Lass with the Delicate Air Michael Arne
Variations on "God Save the King" Johann Christian Bach
Forget me Not Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Political Rationalist The Earl of Abingdon
La Bachelli
Thomas, Sanderson, Gammie, May
The Earl of Abingdon
Maria's Medley
Thomas, Sanderson, Gammie, May
The Earl of Abingdon
The Siddons
April Showers
The Earl of Abingdon
Rural Beauty William Boyce
Sonatina in G major for Flute & Piano Jan Ladislav Dussek
Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred Thomas Augustine Arne
Rule Britannia Thomas Augustine Arne

played by The Windsor Box and Fir Company